August the 12th, MMXV

What did not kill them, made them crazier...
After more than a decade of religiously dropping DIY EP's, controversial LP's ("Amerikkka Macht Frei", "Communism Is Fascism")
, touring the western world (6 successful US Tours over 6 years, Sold-Out headlining shows in NYC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego...), shockin' & rockin' a cult following of Goth chicks, Punk rockers, Heavy Metal kids, fashionistas & faux bourgeois in Paris or London RNR landmarks, VNDERCOVER SLVT worldwide domination masterplan has been put on hold for not only one, but two sabbatical years. 

During that 24-month hyatus, core members went through death related depression, a nearly fatal accident, antidepressant diet, anorexia/bulimia/insomnia, the priceless joy of a birth, alcoholism & various substances' addiction, the bitter wake-up call to half a dozen OD's & the sweet perfume of a rehab program.

Surviving members, Shock Rock Kingpin, 'O' and his long time partner-in-crime, DRAG, along with a soon to be named cast of nasties are now back with PURE white noise deliciously baptised as "ELECTROSICK", complete with outspoken vitriolic lyrics, focused & crystal clear on today's decline of civilization as some of us noticed it.

"Chloroform Nation" is VNDERCOVER SLVT brand new smash hit single, spitting attitude & panache, about to hit those airwaves & dirty dancefloors South, East, North & West. As we speak, both 7" & 12" vinyl versions are on their way for all wax collectors while its predicted viral video is currently in pre-production stage...
"Chloroform Nation" is also the very 1st single taken from "Haters Gonna Hate" VNDERCOVER SLVT long awaited forthcoming album to be released circa MMXVI via whoever will have enough balls to produce it. 

So far, VNDERCOVER SLUT "Haters Gonna Hate" 
all killer/zero filler LP will contain the following gems: "VICE", "Laughing Like Hyenas", "F.T.W .", "Brass Knuckle Pit", "F-Bomb", "Insult to Injury", "Drive It Like You Stole It", "Haters Gonna HATE", "A Dime Bag & A Dream" and of course "Chloroform Nation".